April 30, 2007

Kelly Murphy on "Chickens R People 2"

RoninKelly Murphy is a friend I met from the Robert's Snow Fundraiser a few years back. See this painting? She made it for me and I swapped her one of mine. Acrylic, watercolor, oils...she does it alI! I remember buying The Boll Weevils Ball about five years ago and I emailed her out of the blue to tell her how much I loved her work and we've been friends ever since. Check out her interview here.


March 21, 2007

Chris Ware on "This American Life"

WareTwo of my most favorite things in the world have been combined into one little animated short. "This American Life" a radio show on NPR is starting up their own show on Showtime and one of the episodes features a story that is animated by comic genius Chris Ware. I was a HUGE fan of Chris' "Jimmy Corrigan- The Smartest Kid in the World" story as well as all his other ACME comics. It's worth checking out!


October 11, 2006

Paul Wallace

Paul Wallace is an old friend of mine who was also my former boss at this suck ass architecture firm I worked at a few summers ago to quench my boredom of freelancing and not interacting with people. Well, during that whole time I was working with him I kept telling him to leave the suck ass company to pursue his true passion of illustrating children's books.
Well, he took my advice and now he's posting some amazing artwork at his site. Now, all you folks at the nice publishing houses should give this man his big break and I'm sure he will please and tell him I sent ya!


September 22, 2006

Katsuhiro Otomo does Cup O' Noodles!

Cupnoodle2tmIf you're like me and you grew up watching japanese anime then you obviously know the work of Katsuhiro Otomo who is best known for his epic AKIRA. This morning I happened to have stumbled upon a cool little japanese commercial for "Cup O' Noodles" (A college favorite) which was completed by Mr. Otomo himself. AKIRA was so rad.....

Click here to see the commercial

September 18, 2006

Mike Hernandez

Grandview_ave_colored_29Mike Hernandez was my old landscape painting teacher when I was back at Art Center. While he was teaching he was also an art director at Dreamworks feature animation and has worked on various projects such as Sinbad, Spirit, and Father of the Pride. He has an amazing technical ability and you can learn so much just by looking at his work.

Mike Hernandez

September 13, 2006


ChI normally despise MTV but sometimes they will occasioanlly create a few knockout gems like "Napoleon Dynamite" and now this short called "Codehunters"

It's all CG...It looks hand drawn....Watch it now and be amazed.


September 11, 2006

Joey Spiotto


Here's a blog started up by a good friend of mine, Joey Spiotto, who is currently working as a concept artist in San Francisco. This rocket crash site is a particular fave.

August 29, 2006

Raymond Xu

SubwaysnoozAfter a long hiatus Art Candy is back!
Yeah yeah I know it's been forever since I posted but what can I say? A baby takes a HUGE chunk of your I time. I promise to be more diligent.


From now on Art Candy listings will be moved to this section of my site. (It's just so much easier to update on Typepad)

Anyway, check out this guy....
Raymond Xu
This guy is awesome! I stumbled across his blog on Cartoon Brew. Boy oh boy, Toronto just churns out the talent don't they?

And if you're jonesing to see the previous posts on Art Candy then you can click "here" to check 'em out.